9-prong fan rake, rubberized handle, can be used in assembly with extension handle 63016, 63017 PALISAD

Product code: 63007

Categories: Garden tools with removable handles

A 9-prong fan rake with rubber-coated handle that can, if necessary, be extended. Width of working section - 130 mm, total length - 420 mm. It is designed for gathering cut sprouts and weeds on small vegetable patches and flowerbeds. Working part is made of 65G spring steel and painted with powder enamel for corrosion protection. The handle is made of rubbered plastics; there is a screwing cap on the end of the handle; if unscrewed, the tool can be extended by 500 mm using the 63016 rod and by 800 mm using the 63017 rod. At the end of works clean the working part of the ripper with a dry cloth.