А group as one

TOOLS WORLD is a holding group of international trading and manufacturing companies. Main industry: development, production and sale of a group of hand tools, power tools, fasteners and household items.

Еvery day's experience

With the help of extensive experience in the design, development and production of tools, we managed to optimize the processes of creating goods and eliminate the possibility of defects

Unity Tool

We entrust production to manufacturing plants in 12 different countries in order to be a leader in the quality and quantity of products offered in this segment

We are always there

The presence of a wide network of warehouses allows uninterrupted deliveries to every corner of the world

Quality and quantity are real

An impressive volume of goods and a variety of tools allows you to please every customer, depending on preferences and tasks

  • 25
    years on the market of hand tools
  • 12
    manufacturing countries
  • 10
    warehouses abroad
  • 5,000
    stock keeping units

About us

The group of companies was founded in 1995.

The assortment exceeds 5,000 items.

TOOLS WORLD is a distributor of such trademarks as MTX, Gross, Palisad, Denzel, Stels and Sparta.

The distribution network is represented by partner companies in 26 markets.

All trademarks of the company are registered in accordance with the protocol of the Madrid Agreement on the International Registration of Marks and have national registrations in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the USA.

The latest technologies, quality control system, professional management - all this allows us to produce goods that surpass the products of our competitors. All products undergo multi-stage quality control, laboratory tests and have CE certificates.

Already trusted by leading international networks

A diverse and wide selection of tools: from gardening to automotive.


  • Denzel

    Denzel is a balanced, practical technique for real life, which will become a faithful assistant in everyday life and construction.

  • MTX

    Mtx trademark products are in inconsistent high demand among a wide range of consumers.

  • Stels

    Stels products will become a faithful companion on the way and emphasize the individual style of your car. It is distinguished by high quality and stylish design.

  • Sparta

    The name of the Sparta trademark symbolizes the spirit of "Spartan upbringing". The Sparta tool retains the required level of functionality at minimal cost.

  • Gross

    Gross is an impeccable premium tool for true professionals and for those who choose the best.