Horticultural set, protective coating, plastic handles: ripper combination wide scoop, pad PALISAD

Product code: 62905

Categories: Sets of garden tools

A set of gardening tools of 4 items. It is designed for works with plants, flowers, small bushes. The tools of the set are made of carbon steel, has protective coating for protection against corrosion. The tool set includes: 1. 3-tooth backhoe; width of the working part - 100 mm; total length - 225 mm. It is used for ripping, soil aeration on small patches and flowerbeds. 2. 3-tooth combined hoe, width of working part - 72 mm, total length - 240 mm. It is designed for soil ripping, aeration and weeding on small patches and flowerbeds. 3. Wide scoop, width of working part - 90 mm, length - 130 mm, total length - 260 mm. It is used for planting and replanting of vegetables or flowers on small patches or flowerbeds. 4. A carpet of polyurethane foam, 400х160х20 mm. It is used as a knee board or seat for protection from cold and moisture.