Petrol trimmer DZ - 415, engine volume 41.5 cc Straight push rod (disk + coil with line) DENZEL

Product code: 96203

Categories: Petrol trimmers

Gasoline trimmer from the DENZEL brand is designed for cutting grass and copse on open areas. It is optimal at cutting grass in hard-to-reach places: along paths, walls of buildings and around trees. Depending on the land configuration and density of vegetation a quick replacement of cutting tools is provided: steel three-blade disk for cutting stiff grass and copse is replaced for cutting semi-automatic spool with fish-line for grass cutting. The two-stroke engine of 1.67 kW consumes less than 0.5 l of fuel per hour. The overall weight of the trimmer is 8.5 kg. Light weight, the handle of Bike type and high rotation speed of the cutting part (cutting disk - 11000 RPM, fish-line - 8500 RPM) allow to process large areas within short period of time.