Hydraulic bottle jack, 20 t, lifting range 250-470 mm SPARTA

Product code: 50328

Categories: Hydraulic bottle jacks

The SPARTA hydraulic jack is designed for lifting loads of up to 20 tons. Jack is an irreplaceable tool in car service and often used during repair and construction works. The minimal height of the SPARTA jack pick is 25 cm. The maximal height the jack can lift load is 47 cm. This height is sufficient to set a rigid support under the lifted load and perform repairs. ATTENTION! The jack is not designed for long holding of overhanging load or its movement. Prior to lifting ensure the load is uniformly distributed over the center of the bearing surface of the jack. The weight of the lifted load should not exceed that specified by the manufacturer. During operation the jack should be installed on a flat horizontal surface. After lifting it is necessary to use special supporting stands to support the load. It is forbidden to perform works under the lifted load in absence of holding supports. Prior to works be sure to read the operation manual for the product.