Aluminium level, 600 mm, forged, 2 eyelets (1 front), impact face MATRIX

Product code: 34907

Categories: Carpenter's levels

A shock-proof solid-metal aluminium level (length 600 mm) is suitable for lining up tiles and brickwork. The level has a solid-metal profile made by casting, resistant to twisting, and features a rubbered impact pad for additional levelling of materials. The level is also provided with an additional sighthole with mirror reflector which considerably speeds up measurements helping to eliminate errors of off-center vision. All the sightholes have additional notches to increase accuracy of measurements (four on each sighthole). The milled base surface provides better engagement with the surface being levelled and reduces slipping effect. The frontal sighthole is adjustable which considerably prolongs service life of this product. There are additional schematic pictographs marked on the level which allows to select a product without the specialist's assistance. Every level has double-sided informational card and individual package of transparent cellophane.