Laser distance meter Kompakt 70, from 0.05 to 70 m, Pythagoras funct. area, volume, timer GROSS

Product code: 38001

Categories: Distance meters


We introduce the Kompakt 70 laser ranger from the GROSS brand. The device allows to quickly measure length, width of the premise, its area and airspace. There is a function of measuring by two points on a remote object. It is widely used in construction during roofing and mounting works (e.g. during installation of plastic windows, doors, built-in furniture), in geodetic surveys. The tool is also used by road construction services for measuring distances. The laser ranger calculates distance as follows: a laser pulse is sent to an object, the reflected signal is received, and the time of the signal travelling is measured by electronic clock. Calculations are accurate since light velocity is constant. The results of calculations are displayed on the device. The tool is easy to use: several presses of buttons, and the result is on the display. The ranger allows to cope without helpers and calculates area, airspace, height, length, performs addition and subtraction. The tool can be used even at night for the display is highlighted. At frequent use another function will be useful: option to memorize 20 recent changes. Warranty 1 year. The set includes battery 2 pcs (AA type), 1.5 V.