Panel saw, 400mm/16",7-8TPI, short 2D tooth, hardened teeth, plastic single-piece casting handle BARS

Product code: 24130
Brand БАРС

Categories: Panel saws

They are mainly used in woodworks. Teeth treatment employing the latest technologies: laser dihedral sharpening and high-quality quenching. The saw blade of high carbon steel (grade U8G). The tooth size 7-8 ТPI - the most common in the woodworks. The blade hardness - 48-50 HRc. The hardness value of the blade cutting edge - 62-64 HRc which is the necessary condition when working with hard wood. The untempered base of the teeth allows to reduce possibility of their break during works with hard wood or at casual encountering of foreign metal objects. The processed material (pictograph): wood chip board, plywood, wood, PVC.
Brand БАРС