Carpenter tool set, 5 items (pencil-2pc, handsaw 450 mm, tape measure, angle bar) SPARTA

Product code: 23902

Categories: Household tool sets

The set includes a handsaw, tape-measure, a pencil, a set square. The handsaw is used for length- and crosscutting of wood, plywood, particle boards, medium density fibreboard, plastics, laminated plates. The saw is wrested and quenched by high frequency currents. The saw band is made of spring steel of 1 mm thick and features protective plating preventing corrosion. The case of the tape-measure is made of rubbered shock-proof plastic. The tape is made of steel with durable marking. There is a metal clamp on the tape-measure case for convenience of work and transportation. The pencil is of special shape: it can not roll down a sloped surface. The set square is designed for layout works and to check accuracy of right angles and mutual perpendicularity of surfaces. There are two shoulders: background and a ruler connected at 90 degrees.