Bench hammer, solid-forged, three-piece handle, 500 g GROSS

Product code: 10402

Categories: Solid-forged hammers

The fitter's hammers and hammers-nail-drawers are made of high-quality tool steel of С55 grade. Forging firms the metal structure of the head increasing durability and wear-resistance and providing homogeneity. The hammer head is selectively quenched by high frequency currents: the bit is of 52 HRC hardness at the depth of down to 3 mm; the nose - 46 HRC; charging (area of connection of the head and the handle) - 35 HRC. Selective quenching provides for durability and prevents caulking on the bit planes during work. The three-component ergonomic handle has high damping decrement, i.e., it efficiently damps vibration generated at blows. The new hammers of the GROSS brand are light-weighted and balanced due to the handle of special design and the metal 'flange' in the middle part of the head. This feature allows to provide comfortable and efficient operation.