Levelling board, aluminium, 2 reinforcement ribs, ergonomic, L-2.5 m BARS/Russia

Product code: 89655
Brand БАРС

Categories: Aluminium building rules

An ergonomic aluminium flattener with 2 stiffening ribs from TM BARS is related to the tools of PREMIUM class and designed for levelling of various construction mixtures on large areas. The tool features ideal ergonomics and resistance to deformations. The ergonomic shape of the flattener makes works more convenient and efficient which considerably improves quality of works and performance.   The aluminium flattener is used during plaster works for quick and efficient distribution of mortar on a surface and for levelling the layers both in vertical, and horizontal directions. The material is aluminium; it features special durability, so the shaping rod is reliably protected from deformations and corrosion which makes the tool long-lasting.
Brand БАРС