Laser level with drilling arrangement and dust collector MATRIX

Product code: 35040

Categories: Carpenter's levels

The laser level with the device for drilling and dust-collector from the MATRIX brand is used during finishing and decoration of the premises (tile paving, mounting of windows and doors, hanging pictures, etc., at laying pipes and electrical wires. The maximal distance of measuring with the level is 5 m; the tolerance of the tool does not exceed 0,1 degree. To make marks there is a hole for drilling provided in the case of the level. Max. diameter of drill is 10 mm. The compressor integrated in the level creates rare medium between the tool and flat surface allowing to suck the tool to the surface; the dust-collector of 100 ml capacity catches drilling waste. The level and the compressor are energized from the AA-type batteries (2 pcs) and GPA 76 (3 pcs). The operating time of the laser is 1.5 hours; the dust-collector compressor - 50 minutes. The case of the tool is made of shock-proof plastic. Overall weight with the batteries does not exceed 360 g.