Diesel generator DD2500, 2 kW, 220V/50Hz, 12.5 l, manual start DENZEL

Product code: 94666

Categories: Generators

The diesel generators from DENZEL proved to have been reliable sources of power. Unstable mains voltage and frequent shortages of power are typical problems in absence of modern power trunks. The solution is simple: it is sufficient to purchase a diesel generator which will provide you with electric power for the outage time of the main power source. The diesel generators from Denzel, model DD2500 will cope with the task at max capacity of 2 kW and nominal capacity 1.8 kW. 1.8 kW is quite enough to support the main consumers of power. A modern refrigerator consumes in average 75 W/h, an energy-saving lamp - 20 W/h. The generated main voltage meets the applicable standards of Russia: AC 220 V, 50 Hz. The diesel generators are equipped with four-stroke engines with the capacity of 2.7 h.p. The capacity of the filling tank is 12.5 l. The fuel consumption at nominal load is 0.8 l/h. The generator is started manually. The generator has three sockets of IP44 type to connect consumers. Every socket has protection against overloads. The noise level during operation of the generator does not exceed 80 dB which corresponds to noise generated by a motor bike. Weight - 60 kg. Due to considerable motor resource (4000 hours at ideal conditions of operation), the diesel generators DD2500 will be reliable suppliers of power for many years.