Diesel welding generator unit DW180E, 4.5 kW, 220V/50Hz, 12.5 l, electric start DENZEL

Product code: 94664

Categories: Generators

The diesel generator DW180E was developed to produce electrical voltage of the specified parameters and subsequent welding works. This generator is especially urgent in conditions where there is no main power network or quality of electrical voltage is unsatisfactory. The generator produces welding current from 50 to 180 A at max capacity of 4500 W and nominal one - 4000 W. These values enable works with metals of thickness 2-4 mm using the electrodes diam. from 2 to 4 mm. The four-stroke engine of the diesel generator DW180E (power 6.1 h.p.) consumes 1.2 l of fuel per hour; therefore, the generator may be considered as a low-end one. The fuel tank capacity is 12.5 l ensuring operation for 10 hours without refilling. The features of the diesel welding generator DW180E: sensor protecting against operation without oil - at low level of oil the sensor blocks start of the generator; copper wires of the coils; counter of the machine hours informing about the necessity of maintenance; there is protection against short circuit installed on every socket. This product is successful at the market due to minimal costs for maintenance and low cost of the obtained welding energy.