Gasoline generator GE 2500, 2.2 kW, 220V/50Hz, 15 l, manual start DENZEL

Product code: 94681

Categories: Generators

The generator from the DENZEL brand is a mini power station capable to provide with power a camping, mobile trade point, country site. The max output of the generator - 2.2 kW; nominal - 2 kW. This power is enough for powering the units requiring the most power at emergency outage: lighting, refrigerator and a TV-set. The generator from DENZEL generates electric power meeting the Russian standards: AC 220 V, 50 Hz and direct current 12 V. The fuel tank capacity is 15 l. With the fuel consumption (gasoline-92) of 1.05 l/h, autonomous operation of the generator is more than 14 hours. To connect electrical devices the generator is equipped with two IP44 sockets. The DENZEL generator can be started manually with a start handle at the ambient temperature above -5°С.