Drain pump DP250, 250 W, lift 6 m, 6000 l/h Denzel

Product code: 97221

Categories: Pumps

The drainage pump DP250 from the DENZEL brand is designed for pumping out water from basements and the premises subject to flooding by ground waters. It is very often used during construction works. The DP250 model (power 250 W) can pump up to 6000 (6 m3) litres of liquid within an hour. The pump can be submerged at the depth not exceeding 5 m, and it can feed liquid to the height of up to 6 meters. An important factor: admissible size of solid particles that may contain in water and enter the pump during operation. The DP250 pump can pump particles up to 5 mm size. The copper coil of the motor features high protection level against short circuit and withstands high loads and not overheated.